Why Mahto Technologies?

Because We Drive Results for Your Business


Our company in fact has changed life with its new tools and technologies emerging from the vast evolving world of digital ad networks. With bold developmental strides we have moved towards our goal of changing the entire status of digital media for the better. Our ground-breaking lead generation strategies and e-mail click modes can help you overcome the weirdest business challenges with utmost ease! So choose us today if you are looking to give the traffic to your site a speedy jolt. With our advanced ad models, we will help you generate lead sales, get maximum email clicks, taking your business to the top

Mahto Technologies  is integrated with the leading online and offline data technology providers. Together, we provide direct response and branding campaigns that connect your brand to high-performing audiences, enabling you to grow your business on a global scale. Our comprehensive offerings provide a complete solution to simplify your digital marketing experience.

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Cross Platform Solutions

Various ad serving technologies such as desktop mode, mobile advertising, connected TV, Display and social video ad modes can give you the most premium and unforgettable branding experience. Make use of our multi-platform ad serving technology today and reach out to millions at the wink of an eye!

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Content Solution

Our content solution combines content innovations and services that make it easier for advertisers to connect with best in class content publishers. Choose from proven techniques like CPL/CPS or make a combo of your own. We help you to maintain your KPI Goals.

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Fraud Detection

Our sophisticated and effective proprietary tracking system automatically flags unusual affiliate activity, queuing a review by our dedicated compliance staff. Also, we personally interview each and every affiliate prior to their admission to the network, preventing problems before they happen. Feel confident knowing your brand is safe.