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Mahto Technologies is a results-driven Media Distribution Company. Whether we’re talking about search, affiliate marketing, App-store traffic or conversions, we want to help you develop your business and your brand.

Pro in Digital Commerce
We Are Working With Reputed Ad Networks Which Help Us to understand campaigns from All Verticals.
Fraud Management
We Can handle Fraudster and bot traffics more seriously, we don't let our partners feel tricked.
We take a structured, step by step approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Our real time data driven, in-depth system helps partners to view Activity without any delay.
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Services We provide at Mahto Technologies

  • Affiliate Marketing
    Monetise Your Traffic With Us
    Make Money by becoming an Affiliate! Drive traffic from your website / mobile site / mobile apps to Campaigns and earn commission on every valid lead or sale. An extensive range of tools available, ranging from simple banners & widgets to APIs, for listing offers deals / products on your own site / app.
  • SEO & Brand Awareness
    Building Your Online Presence
    As qualified & experienced professionals we provide measurable results through brand strategy, creative design and effective advertising.
  • Content Marketing
    Services subtitle
    Advertising isn’t the only way to promote your brand. To help brands engage with audiences we ideate and create content in a variety of formats and distribute through appropriate channels.
  • WebSite Design & Hosting
    Make Your Ideas Go Live
    Our technical development skills are wide enough to provide complete solutions that require high levels of back-end security and complexity matched with front end ease of use, creativity and ingenuity.

Committed To Bring Better Solutions.

Design > Code > Host Online > Promote
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We create something worth remembering
SEO & Digital Marketing
Digital is the new 'real', let your business explore it.
Mobile Marketing
Mostly Mobile Ads Traffic Actions Converts into sale.

Our Valuable Team Member

Ritu Nandal
Campaign Manager
Ritu Nandal is Highly Experienced and Creative in managing campaigns and generating high quality Traffic to offers of different niches. Ritu has a very good knowledge of every marketing tool and technique available so far. Ritu can delicately Detect fraud and spammy Traffic sources.
Team member

Our Clients & Resources

We Are Associated with a large number of major Digital Advertising companies.
IIBM India
institute of business management
Client logo
IIBM Institute provides excellent opportunities to aspiring management students who don’t have access to traditional learning methods through its open and flexible approach to learning.
Google Ads
Start to advertise online with Google Ads.
Client logo
Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.
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A DEMAND-SIDE PLATFORM FOR CRYPTO PROJECTS, EXCHANGES, AND ICO/ITOS HubDSP provides a comprehensive digital advertising solution for cryptocurrencies, exchanges and businesses pursuing an ICO/ITO. The platform enables real time bidding, audience buying and centralized campaign management, tracking, reporting and analytics. Optimize and automate your digital advertising with HubDSP. START CREATING AD CAMPAIGNS IN AS LITTLE AS 6 MINUTES.

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